After ordering delivery from Canton restaurant on Blue Lakes Blvd in Twin Falls, I got my food and a sweet note from my delivery driver. To him and his bride to be I want to wish the best of luck.

A note on my food said, "Thank You for ordering delivery. Your order is helping fund our dream wedding. We appreciate your contribution and hope you enjoy your meal. James (your driver) and Madi (Fiance)"

I am not sure why this struck me as so sweet but it did. I kind of wish I would have doubled my tip just to help them out a little bit more. I am not sure what your dream wedding is, but I am sure you will make it happen.

Weddings are expensive and I can only imagine what a "dream" wedding could cost you. I also feel like there is probably a longer story behind this note that I hope to hear one day.

After the year that 2020 has been, this is the kind of stuff we need more of. Sharing the love, sharing positivity and helping others. I can tell you I will order again from Canton in the near future to try to help this couple out more.

It also shows that everyone you come into contact with has their own story, their own goals and working towards something. Be kind to each other and let's hope that James and Madi get that dream wedding sooner rather than later.

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