I'm always afraid to share stuff like this. One of our favorite not-so-favorite sites in the Magic Valley was just named the coolest place in Idaho no one is visiting. That's both good news and bad news.

Sure, it's awesome that Malad Gorge gets recognized by Only In Your State as #1 among their "8 Best Underrated Attractions in Idaho that Not Enough People Visit". They seemed to get extra points from whoever wrote this that the pretty part of that area goes right under I-84, but few out-of-state people realize it.

But, every time one of our "special places" gets this kind of recognition, a bunch more people go visit and there goes the neighborhood.

I'd like to spend some time and try to scare new people away. Sure, there are some great reviews of Malad Gorge on TripAdvisor. But, let's focus on the two bad ones. For example, Jack L from Fruitland said...

The small park is very poorly cared for and poorly appointed.

Let's ignore the fact that he said the Malad Gorge is gorgeous. Pretend that didn't happen. There was also a Chicago dude who didn't like parting with his $5 for the entree fee.

Congrats to Malad Gorge on this nice nod. But, for everyone else, move along. Nothing to see here.

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