I’ve been hearing a growing chorus say more people would get vaccinated for coronavirus if we simply stopped calling them names.  I’ve heard it from doctors, pundits and men and women on both the right and left.  The old saw is you get more flies with honey.  You could also make an argument the messaging hasn’t been consistent from the government and its agencies charged with carrying out medical policy.  I fear by demonizing someone, you'll see a response similar to what happened during the medieval plagues.  Neighbors were called witches and burned.  Or Gypsies or Jews.  

Brad Little isn’t just a jackass.  He’s an elitist and he’s two-faced.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve never liked bullies and thugs.

In the beginning it was two weeks to flatten the curve and churches would be open by Easter.  It didn’t happen.  Here in Idaho, people were ticketed for having a yard sale.  The Mayor of Mountain Home threatened to have people arrested for visiting neighbors.  He recorded his message instructing his constituents to stay home while he was working out at a city owned gym.  A woman was arrested for standing on wood chips at a playground as her kids used the swings and monkey bars.

Restaurant owners trying to make a living were cited by Idaho State Police and it appears by personal order of Governor Brad Little.  The people needed to know who was master.  This is the same Governor who claims he can’t interfere with business decisions at St. Luke’s and St. Al’s, where hospital staff will be terminated if they refuse vaccines.  Brad Little isn’t just a jackass.  He’s an elitist and he’s two-faced.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve never liked bullies and thugs.  Or, maybe I should be offering the destroyer of careers the same honey for flies.

Then check out this link.  Dr. Francis Collins at the Centers for Disease Control claims worse is coming.  What, is Pharaoh still refusing to release the Hebrews from bondage?

Yes, the doctor is right.  There are going to be future plagues.  Some within the lifetimes of people alive today.  Others far out into the future.  Unless the planet is destroyed tomorrow by an alien death star.  All the more reason to live for today.

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