While 2023 hasn't exactly started off with a high number of Idaho sightings of unexplained aerial phenomena, the state has consistently for years ranked among the top nationally for reports of strange objects in the sky. One stretch of interstate in southwestern Idaho seems to attract what residents are describing as UFOs more than any other region in the Gem State.

I've covered a lot of stories involving reports of unidentified flying objects in southern Idaho over the past several years as a journalist living in Twin Falls. The job title, "content contributor," is often used to describe those who make a living (or attempt to) in my line of work.

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I consider myself a journalist, as I have actually obtained a degree in the field and have experience working as a newspaper writer and broadcast news reporter, so I'm not a  huge fan of being grouped with others who lack experience, originality, and the proper education. Skewing facts, embellishing truths, or making up "content" for the sake of shares and page views is what the amateurs in my field do.

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I take reports of paranormal activity very seriously. I believe there have been enough credible sightings over the past century from both civilian and military sources that people should know by now that other intelligent life regularly uses the sky to eavesdrop on the human species.

Skinwalker Ranch is a 500-acre expanse in northern Utah. It's been identified as one of the most active UFO regions in the world, and scientists both reside on and visit the property regularly to study the phenomenon. The ranch is roughly 370 miles southeast of Twin Falls, Idaho.

Since I first began studying data published by the National UFO Reporting Center regarding Idaho reports dating back to the early seventies, the Interstate 84 corridor between Mountain Home and Emmett has been the source of more Idaho sightings over the past 60 years than any other area of the state. Mountain Home is also the headquarters of southern Idaho's largest military base.

Some in the scientific community believe aliens use portals to visit Earth. There's a great deal of unexplained activity in the sky between these two western hotspots.

Could there be a link between Utah's Skinwalker Ranch and this region of southwestern Idaho?  

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