In Idaho City, there is the craziest hodge-podge architecture I've ever seen. The building is called the Sluice Box and it has been a work in progress for decades. I use the word 'progress' but that may be the wrong word. You see, all the additional construction of added on towers, curved stairways, false rooms, random signs, and window lookouts make this place look like it is about to fall over if someone breathes on it.

The Idaho City Sluice Box

Idaho City started as a gold mining town and was booming in the 1860's. More than 100 years later the Sluice Box, though not an original building from the mining era anymore, looks like it has been around since the beginning. The original Sluice Box was built using a structure from the late 1800's, but that building burned down in 1996. The owner rebuilt the Picasso looking building using old barn wood and signs he found in Idaho, California, and Nevada. The Sluice Box was sold to new owners in 2014 according to their website.

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Sluice Box New Ownership

On the website from the new owners you can see a few pictures and get details on when the Sluice is open for visitors. They are closed in the winter months and open weekends in spring, summer, and fall from 11AM to 6PM.

You can see dozens of pictures of the interior and exterior of the Sluice Box on Facebook.

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