Pumping gas in this age of COVID-19 is a lot like playing Russian Roulette. A few weeks ago I decided to man up...and glove up.

A friend and I were talking about the Coronavirus the other day, and all the ways one could contract the virus. Sure, you have the most common ways like coughs and sneezes, but I'm willing to bet a large number of society is getting sick at the gas pump. So, I've made a habit of never leaving home without, what I refer to as, my fuel glove.

Gas pumps are a petri dish for COVID-19, and while the virus could remain a potential threat on an item such as a glove, by the time you reach into your back seat for it again, it likely poses no health risk. That is, unless your one of these people that puts just enough gas in your tank to drive around for 24 hours. I'll take $6 on pump three please!

Greg Jannetta

By the time you've entered your zip code, picked up the pump, said NO to a car wash, used said pump and said NO again to a receipt, you've come into contact with the pumping station five to six times. That's where a fuel glove can be your best friend.

Greg Jannetta

Just use it, slide it off inside out, and toss her in the backseat. I usually gas up about every two weeks, so it's ready for use next time without much risk involved. Then, a couple pumps of sanitizer or soap, and you're golden.

Greg Jannetta

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