With the fascinating religious shift in Twin Falls taking place in recent years, faith seems to be something on people's minds.

In this third of our God debate series, Matt Dillahunty debates Sye Ten Bruggencate regarding the existence of God.

Matt Dillahunty (from wikipedia):

Matt Dillahunty is an American public speaker and internet personality, and was the president of the Atheist Community of Austin from 2006 to 2013. He has hosted the Austin-based webcast and cable-access television show The Atheist Experience since c. 2005, and formerly hosted the live internet radio show Non-Prophets Radio. He is also the founder and contributor of the counter-apologetics encyclopedia Iron Chariots and its subsidiary sites.

Sye Ten Bruggencate (from wikipedia):

Sye Ten Bruggencate, a.k.a., Sye TenB., is an internet personality in his own right and a regular contributor to Eric Hovind's "Creation Today" videos. The videos promote anti-science and biblical literalism and disseminate false information about science with the goal of indoctrinating children and vulnerable adults. Ten Bruggencate subscribes to the Transcendental Argument for the existence of God (TAG) and accordingly to presuppositionalism, a branch of Christian apologetics.

Here is debate #1 and debate #2 if that's of interest.


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