First of all, you can't put a list like this together without some controversy. That said, I've been thinking about this for weeks and talking about it with a lot of other people. The "intro" is just the instrumental portion at the beginning of the song. Remember, it's just the intros.

First a few thoughts on the subject.  I didn't include songs that start by singing. Tunes like Crazy Train. The famous "All abooooard hahahaha..." could be one of the best ever. Maybe I'll make another list  of songs like that.  In judging the "best intros" I listened for (among other things) great guitar riffs, familiarity, layering and mixing of instruments, use of  sounds, distinctiveness and "rockability" (One of my made up words)

Because of my job, I probably gave too much weight to the number and type of posts. (A "post" is a DJ term for a distinctive change of beat, rhythm, instruments, etc. within the intro) Those are very important to us so we (hopefully) know when to stop talking! As for the list itself, I'm sure I'll leave some of your favorites out. Or I didn't think of a few. So feel free to put together your own list and post it here. Anyway, here's the top 10!

10. I Just Want To Make Love To You- Foghat

9. Kickstart My Heart- Motley Crue

8. Eminence Front- The Who

7. Stanglehold- Ted Nugent

6. LA Woman- The Doors

5. Rocky Mountain Way- Joe Walsh

4. Smells Like Teen Spirit- Nirvana

3. Hot For Teacher- Van Halen

2. Honky Tonk Woman- Rolling Stones

1. Smoke On The Water- Deep Purple

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