According to a new study, people in BIOTECHNOLOGY are the HAPPIEST workers in the country.  So . . . um . . . maybe it’s time to train someone else on the deep fryer and switch careers. analyzed nine different factors that go into people’s career happiness.  They include everything from work environment and relationships with coworkers, to salary and growth opportunities.

Biotechnology came in first because there’s a lot of room for growth, high salaries, and good collaborative environments.

Believe it or not, CUSTOMER SERVIVE came in second.  Workers feel a lot of control over their work and, if you like helping people and problem solving, it can actually be a good career choice.

The rest of the top 10 are:  Education . . . administrative and clerical . . . purchasing . . . accounting . . . finance . . . nonprofit . . . healthcare . . . and legal.

They didn’t release a list of the most depressing jobs.  (–So if you hate your job, just assume it came in number one.)

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