The number of scenic drives in Idaho must be nearly equal to the number of dollars in the President’s bank account!  O.K., I’m exaggerating, although.  Many of us can vouch for the scenery.  A friend at Idaho Fish and Game once said the state is four distinct entities in one boundary.  I might even go as high as five.

There are forests in North Idaho, grassland in the Palouse.  High desert and mountains and the rolling hills between Idaho Falls and the Teton Range.

Over the weekend I came across a vintage story on Only in Your State.  A writer attempts to rank order the best drives, many of which additionally include hiking forays.  Give credit to the traveler for getting off the main roads.

After reading through the meanderings I got to thinking about my favorite drive.  I’m not sure I’ve got one.  I did enjoy the Palouse last summer but on the same day did a zig-zag route through Shoshone County.  If I wanted to get lost it’s the place for isolation.  Even if only for a few hours.

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