You ever visit a place for several years and then one day ask yourself where that came from?  I had one of those experiences while eating lunch at a favorite café in Twin Falls. Usually, I’m focused on the conversation and the menu.  The social aspect of dining out apparently blots out some of my senses.

One recent afternoon, I was finishing my meal and looked toward a window.  I saw a miniature diner on a shelf and was intrigued.  I started looking around the rest of the dining room and realized there was an entire village just above my usual horizon.  The display is at the legendary Norm’s Cafe in Twin Falls.  I wrote about the place a couple of weeks ago and praised its homey atmosphere and extensive menu.  It doesn’t look like much from the outside because the place is small and usually at full capacity.  I would say Norm’s has a cult following.  Several friends I know who work in law enforcement love the place.

The Victorian miniatures are a great touch and not overdone.  Have you ever been to one of those places where the motif is a mash of fishing nets, crab pots, and starfish?  A few would be o.k. but it usually makes you feel like you’re cramped into the submarine from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  All the extra decoration is usually there to mask the rather ordinary and bland selections from the kitchen.

We do it right in Idaho.  If I ever decide to decorate my home, I’m going to use Norm’s restaurant as a model.

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