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A neighbor relocated to Twin Falls. He came from Wyoming.  Within a couple of weeks, he discovered Norm’s Café.  After that, he rarely cooked and ate at home.  He became a regular of the Gem State gem.

I used to have a pastor who was a native of New Jersey.  He would go on and on about it being the diner capital of the United States.  Look, I understand the place has a really large population and is densely packed.  So, you’ll have a lot of places set up to feed the masses.  My old pastor died a few years ago, and to my knowledge, never made it west of Ohio.  Did he miss a lot?

I recently moderated a political forum and to my delight, when I finished, someone handed me a card, and it was stuffed with Norm’s coupons!  Oh, there are going to be some Saturday morning breakfasts.  I was talking with Todd Eccles about the place.  Todd is one of the hosts of our gun show, and another Norm’s Café fan.  I started describing pancakes, sausages, and hash browns.  Todd is a marathon runner and maintains a strict diet, but the description made him hungry.

I also find the café to be a wonderful burger joint.  The menu is extensive, but when I find a place with a really great burger, I usually stick with the best.

Again, we may not have as many greasy spoons as some crowded eastern states, but we don’t lack quality.  Some places, like Norm’s, are easy places to stop in downtown Twin Falls.

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