A building in Jerome that has been sitting vacant since its construction in 2009 might be converted into a themed hotel.

There's an empty building sitting just north of the Jerome Comfort Inn off the I-84 interchange. That's the Heritage Plaza at Crossroads Point.  The Plaza was built in 2009 and boasted prime real estate potential until development in the area stalled shortly after its construction.  It's been sitting vacant ever since.

A Twin Falls area builder has made us aware of a possible investor that is interested in acquiring the Heritage Plaza.

It seems their goal is to appeal to Magic Valley area residents and tourists alike by converting the structure into a themed hotel.  Nothing is set in stone but they are expecting to have about 25 themed guest suites and plan on serving a full breakfast, complete with an omelette bar.

At the moment, they are curious about what it would take to cause you to leave the comfort of your home and stay in one of their rooms.  Do you have any theme ideas for the developers?  Maybe they should consider a spa getaway of sorts?  Leave a comment and let us know what you would do.

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