It may be time to gather up your earthly belongings and head underground. I have reason to believe that the machines have become self-aware and are coming after us. Listen to this and see if you think it's more than a little creepy.

I've seen The Terminator and I know this does not end well for those of us that aren't machines. There's a computer that is pronouncing Idaho town names. Some observations from me, the current leader of the resistance.

  • The computer says "Twin Falls" as if it's a threat
  • It knows there are "78,500 of people" here (their phrasing, not mine)
  • The computer wants "a thumps up" for their pronunciation efforts

You may laugh at this, but it isn't just Twin Falls. Here are the other Idaho cities that have been targeted for extermination pronunciation.

Oh, and Jerome, you're gonna LOVE this...

All I can say is this. If you're pulled over by a policeman and he asks you if you're John Conner, the answer is NO.

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