For anyone out there in the Twin Falls area that might still be stockpiling wood for the upcoming winter, there are a few area homeowners that are in the process of trying to clear land and have unwanted wood hauled away. For the first time in my life, I became a homeowner this week. My wife and I looked at many properties until we finally found the one that offered everything we needed. A large backyard, a work shop, at least three bedrooms, a MOST importantly, a fireplace. Lucky for us it's a pellet stove, and we won't need to spend money on firewood.

For those that are currently looking for wood, I came across three homeowners in Twin Falls County that are offering it up at no cost. You can access the following information at Twin Falls Craigslist, in the "free" section. All of the following have been posted in the last week, so odds are pretty good you might be able to haul wood away from at least one of the properties if you act quickly.

BUHL - This Buhl property owner is inviting anyone with the tools and capability of hauling away fruit trees to come and have at it.


TWIN FALLS - This Twin Falls resident has wood left over from some cherry trees up for grabs.


TWIN FALLS - This last mention is also from a Twin Falls resident. The wood, made up of a combination of  2X2s and 2X4s, is available on a first come, first serve basis.