With any job, there are challenges that can make getting through the workday tough. If your cozy desk or work from home job has you feeling exhausted, just remember there are those out there that are battling the clock and navigating traffic to deliver much-needed solutions to your fellow southern Idaho neighbors. 

The first job I landed when I moved to Twin Falls years ago was at the Napa Auto Parts service facility and warehouse in Twin Falls. I pursued the job because it got me out of the office, and I needed a break from the line of work I left weeks prior.

While at Napa, I worked in dispatch, which means anytime a mechanic or shop owner needed a car part for a customer and ordered it online, I'm the guy who grabbed the order off the printer and quickly located it in the warehouse for the drivers to deliver. I also ran many deliveries myself throughout the Magic Valley. I only worked there for a brief period of time before excepting a position elsewhere, but I managed to develop a deep respect for those who do this work daily.

Whether it's driving for Autozone, Napa Auto Parts, O'Reilly Auto Parts, or some other business whose job is to get the desired part into the mechanic's hands as soon as possible, these men and women have tough jobs. Remember, it's not just the mechanic waiting on these deliveries, but the owner of the vehicle being repaired is also waiting to get back on the road.

Oftentimes, these drivers are hauling anywhere between five and 10 ordered parts, and are expected to get back to the hub as soon as possible. If they don't get the parts delivered in a timely manner, you can bet the boss will be reaching out to that driver on the radio to inquire what their "Twenty is."

So, treat our Magic Valley delivery drivers well. There's a lot riding on their duties.

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