I've heard of offering your package delivery person a holiday cookie or slice of pie, but until this week, I'd never heard anyone imply that it's a customary act to offer a cash tip.

In all the years I've been ordering items online, and we're talking about the mid-nineties when companies like Amazon popped up, I've never once thought to offer my delivery person a tip in the form of cash. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm generally an awesome tipper--to the point where my wife often says things like, "Why are you leaving that much,"--but I don't understand why a person would feel a need to tip cash for getting something they ordered online or had shipped to them.

I overheard a discussion this week between two people about tipping United Parcel Service and city postal employees. One of the individuals engaged in the discussion was insistent that, particularly during the holidays, one must always offer a tip to someone who delivers packages to their front door step. I kept thinking to myself...is this person crazy.

Unlike a package delivery person, who isn't paying for their own gas and is compensated pretty well for their service, a food delivery driver should always be tipped, because in most cases the tips they earn go directly into their gas tank. A food delivery person, much like a waiter or waitress, depends on that money as part of their hourly wage. I spent many years in food service, and have done delivery too.

Let me also say, that it's nothing against employees who work in package delivery, I have the utmost respect, and my delivery guy rocks! I just don't see a need to offer him money. His or her job is to safely deliver all packages signed off to them. I've also read that it's against procedures in the business to accept cash.

So, my question is, does anyone really think that to not offer your package delivery driver a tip during the holidays, is in bad taste? Again, I just find it odd that a person would attempt to make that argument, so I'm putting it out there for you guys to mill over.

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