When you're looking for a home in Idaho, people have different priorities. Some want an open concept. Others need a certain number of bathrooms and bedrooms. If you want a home with an underground bomb shelter, that's available in this Idaho residence.

This Funky House video series featured this Eagle, Idaho home recently. It's a 4-bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home offering over 2,700 square feet and that's the above ground part. The bonus is you get an additional 400 square feet underground. The video mentions "spacious luxury", but that might be pushing it a bit.

This bomb shelter appears to be a fixer-upper. I say that because you'll notice the video host has to put a mask on before entering the underground chamber. That's because there's a slight issue with what looks like surface mold. Yum.

Here are some reasons you might want a bomb shelter under your Idaho home.

  • North Korea has nuclear missiles that can reach Idaho
  • Skynet could become self-aware
  • Phil Collins has indicated he may tour again

So many possibilities. There's only one problem if you're interested in this home. I can't find it anywhere online. The link on the YouTube channel goes nowhere and I can't find it on Zillow.

But, if you're wanting to stay off the grid, maybe having your home not be findable is a good thing.

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