Devin Graham and his friends are unique individuals. If you thought BASE jumping off our Perrine Bridge was extreme, wait until you see Devin's video of his friends doing it off of a Slip and Slide situated on a 500 foot cliff.

Here's Devin's description from his quite lively YouTube channel:

INSANE Slip and Slide off a 500 FOOT CLIFF!!!  World's Tallest Slip and Slide!

You would not believe the preparation and setup that went into this stunt, but you can watch it.

You know you're a popular guy when you have your own line of t-shirts and people actually buy them. Say what you want about Devin, but he is not boring. You can follow his exploits on his official website, if you dare. Or, you could just buy a Slip and Slide off Amazon and put it in your yard.

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