BASE jumping season in Twin Falls is officially back! And not all who watch those brave souls take the Perrine Bridge leap from the Snake River below have opposable thumbs.

This weekend will be the warmest of 2023 so far in southern Idaho, and that means we can expect to see some foot traffic along the Perrine Bridge to watch daring men and women BASE jump over the blue waters of the Snake River.

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Kayaking under the famous Perrine Bridge of Twin Falls is always a great experience. When friends visit the city from out-of-state for the first time, I try to always plan a kayak out of Centennial Park to show them one of the greatest perks of living in southern Idaho. Seeing those canopies open from beneath the bridge is an added bonus, and in all my years of living in the city, it never gets old.

I've never BASE jumped, and I never will. Once in a while, a jumper's parachute gets caught on the bridge or someone drifts off course from the landing zone and gets snagged on a canyon cliff. I could see something like that happening to me, so that's part of the reason you'll never catch me on the bridge with a packed chute.

Dogs love being out on the Snake River too, and one dog, in particular, appears to be a big fan of the hobby. Check out this fun Friday clip set to the theme song from Super Mario I found on YouTube recently that shows an area pooch enjoying a jump from one of the country's top spots.

Mother's Day is this weekend. We would like to give all the southern Idaho moms a shoutout. They deserve a trip to the river on Sunday.

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