At some point, common sense would kick in or so you would think. Keep this in mind if you go to Yellowstone this summer. If you see a bear cross the road in front of you, don't stop - or else.

This happened somewhere in Alaska. I first came across it on Digg and later on YouTube. A couple are driving down a wilderness highway. Just ahead of them, they see a bear cross the road.

Disclaimer: I will admit the thought of slowing down would have crossed my mind, too. Who wouldn't love a picture of a cuddly bear, right? Note to self: DON'T DO THIS. EVER.

The couple finds out the hard way that bears don't always wait to pose for pictures. This bear comes flying back out of the woods with the idea that he's going to have two humans for bear dinner.

My family saw a bear sow with her cub at Yellowstone last summer. We stopped because the bear was several hundred yards away on a hill (and other stupid humans were also stopped in front of us blocking the road).

Considering the recent bear attacks in our area, it's good to remind the part of you that wants to stay alive that bears are wild animals and dangerously unpredictable.

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