In Idaho, there are some things you just don't do. For example, you don't turn left onto Blue Lakes. You don't talk about how much you love California. And, you don't pet a moose. This is why.

Behold this video on Digg of a guy who got too close to a moose and her calf.

Wow. That is one mad mama. That look in her eyes right before impact. That's gonna leave a mark. had some great indications that a moose is about to lay you out. I'll summarize. If you suddenly become more interesting than food to the moose, you're in trouble. If the moose looks at you and suddenly starts peeing, run. (no pee pun intended)

The fact that mama moose had her calf with her meant this was almost certainly not gonna end well for the non-moose person.

If you're ever curious about moose do's and don'ts in Idaho, check out the Idaho Fish and Game website.

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