I think many of us would agree that it is a ton of fun to drive through slush and puddles in winter. Some people just hate driving in winter and find no joy in splashing with their car. Either way, if you drive your car in the winter, you will get a snow-pack in your vehicle wheel well, and this is why you need to get rid of it asap.

Remove the Ice from Around your Tires

My wife was driving around Twin and was hearing weird sounds and the van was acting funny. When I got home I went out to look at it and there was no snow or ice on the wheels of the driver's side, but the passenger side was completely packed with ice and that was causing all her problems. And it could have been much worse.

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The snow-pack starts off pretty innocently on your car. You may even think it looks cool sometimes. My kids think it is fun to walk around the car and kick the slush that has accumulated off the tire. Really - kicking that slush off is the best thing you can and should do after driving (finally the kids are earning their keep). If you leave that slush in between your tire and the wheel well of your car it will turn to ice and that ice will continue to grow.

What Happens If You Don't Clear Ice From Around Your Wheels

This will cause a few problems for you and your vehicle.

  • Your car may feel shaky while driving because the tire is rubbing and hitting against the ice.
  • Your tires may get premature wear from rubbing on the ice. Yes, believe it or not, but ice can damage your tires.
  • Your suspension will feel a lot less bouncy and you may even hear bumps and cracking as you hit potholes since your wheel now has less room to move up and down.
  • You may damage your car. As the tire bounces it may end up causing damage to the inside of the wheel well or even to the body and trim around the tire.
  • The ice could also inhibit driving. My wife was finding it harder to turn since the ice wasn't allowing her tire to move. If you can't turn your car you are a danger to yourself and those around you.

How To Clear Ice From Vehicle Wheel Wells

Keep it safe and when you get out of your car, do a walk around it and kick off any slush if you can. If it is already hardened you can use your ice scraper or even a shovel to chip it away until your wheels are clear and safe to drive on.

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