I've shared a zillion Idaho log cabins, but this one might top them all. It's not cheap, but it's just about everything you could want in a rustic Idaho property.

This is 3-bed, 5-bath wood mansion that is located at 1025 Pleasant Hill Road in Troy, Idaho. Don't look up the address. It will break your heart because it's not close. Without bothering with exact directions, it's about halfway between Boise and Coeur D' Alene. (*sad face*) But, just look at it...

After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I went down the checklist of what I would want in an Idaho log cabin and this one ticks all the boxes including huge front windows which let you stare at all the best that Idaho has to offer. The one thing this property has that many lack is an equally epic deck. No matter the weather, you don't need to be restricted to being inside. Hammock, deck chairs and lots of space. Drool.

But, all this happiness ends when you see the price tag. 3/4 of a million dollars and I have no doubt that it's worth every penny - if you have a zillion pennies.

Suzan Mascall is the lucky listing agent for this beauty. No, it's not close and no, I can't even come close to affording this even if I sue all the drivers on Blue Lakes for the money I truly believe they owe me. But, wow is this awesome.

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