I will admit that any kind of reference to a log cabin gets my attention. That's why I was more than a little happy to see a list of the most historic cabins in Idaho and saw one of our Magic Valley places in the top 10.

Only In Your State documented the many buildings in our state that have a rich history and the Stricker Rock Creek Station and Homesite in Hansen landed at #9.

As they mentioned, this was one of the major stops on the Oregon Trail. The Idaho State Historical Society has some other details of this legendary site which dates all the way back to 1865.

This historic site, listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1980 and located south of Hansen, was an early transportation center serving the Oregon Trail, Overland mail stage route, and the Kelton Freight Road.

How cool is it to see some of our own local history that also played such a large part for westward expansion recognized?

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