When I go camping, I end up getting attacked by mosquitoes. One Magic Valley family had a much more exciting invader. Meet one of the biggest moose you will ever see in the South Hills.

Heather Willis was kind enough to share this picture and story with me. She was in the South Hills camping in the Walstrom Hollow area. That was when she encountered Bullwinkle this moose. Fortunately for us, she had her camera handy and snapped this epic picture.

This has been quite a year for moose in Idaho. Remember the one in Heyburn that had to be relocated? Then, there was the one that raced a family into Idaho on the interstate. Oh, and I don't think our Canadian friends have recovered yet from the moose that won't stop licking their cars. Fun.

Thanks again to Heather Willis for the wonderful share. We never tire of our friend's encounters with these awesome creatures.

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