Our Memorial Day weekend was spent amongst family and friends indulging in good food while avoiding anything remotely close to exercise. Our plans to go kayaking on Monday fell through, but judging by some recent video uploads, plenty of people took advantage of the warmer weather and made time to enjoy some of the Magic Valley's top recreation spots.

Following what seemed like weeks of damp, gusty weather in Twin Falls, the latter part of the holiday weekend cleared up and provided us the opportunity to get outdoors, particularly Sunday and Monday. We had planned on kayaking on Memorial Day, but some unforeseen circumstances prevented us from doing so. I still have yet to hit the waters of the Magic Valley in 2020.

This week's video upload I thought I'd share with you was posted to the channel of one Steve Price on Sunday, May 24. Price has shared a number of videos of mountain biking throughout southern Idaho, and is someone I would describe as advanced at the hobby.

The area this rider navigated over Memorial Weekend is part of the Indian Springs trail system. Mountain biking is something I used to do in my younger years, but now I stick to pretty much hiking and kayaking. South Idaho has so many great trails to get out on, and it appears that this biker made the most of an overcast day, and captured some great footage from his helmet cam.

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