PRESTON, Idaho (AP) — Police in eastern Idaho say a father shot and killed his three children and then fatally shot himself in his home.

Preston police say the shooting happened on early Sunday morning, but officers weren't called to the home until 5 p.m. after the bodies were found by a family friend. According to police, 37-year-old Tate Spillett Sr., killed his 6-year-old daughter Jessica Spillett, 7-year-old son Tate Spillett Jr. and 15-year-old stepson Corbin Hillaker and then killed himself using a semi-automatic rifle.

Police added that the children were found in their beds and were likely sleeping when they were killed. Investigators say it's unclear why Spillett killed his children, but say that he and his wife were going through a divorce. Spillett's wife was in Illinois at the time of the shooting.

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