There’s an old Far Side cartoon where an alligator is on a courtroom witness stand.  The animal shouts back at the prosecutor.  “Of course, I did it in cold blood,” he says.  “I’m a reptile”.  It was funny at the time.  Then a few years later some lefties came along and demanded animals be given the same rights as people under the law and in courts.  The once absurd is becoming reality.

Animals and Appliances Aren't People

Idaho State Representative Tammy Nichols is offering a bill that would ban granting personhood to animals or artificial intelligence.  I’ve briefly met Nichols on a couple of occasions and heard the woman speak.  She’s smart and brings the concerns of Idaho parents to her government role.

News of her proposal made it all the way to Salt Lake City, Utah, where it was picked up by the Deseret News.  You can read more by clicking here.

Granting Rights to Animals Destroys Major Industries

Granting equal status to animals means we will no longer have meat, fish, poultry, and dairy in our diets.  Imagine the shock to agriculture in Idaho.

On the matter of artificial intelligence or AI, scientists predict some machines and robots will become self-aware.  You’ve seen this in science fiction going all the way back to the original Star Trek series.  The storylines usually don’t favor human beings.

Liberals Are Going to Attack

Nichols is a conservative Republican, which means her ideas will be subject to knee-jerk criticism by liberals and many of their media allies.  They’ll argue this isn’t currently a threat in Idaho.  In other words, they want to wait until there’s a crisis before taking precautions.  They’ll also do whatever they can to destroy the meat industry, and Nichols is putting up a roadblock.  The left and media allies will start echoing extremism.  Same old playbook.

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