Family TimeMost of feel like we don't get enough time with our families but I would hope that we get more than one hour of quality time without families. Although, when I think about everything that happens during the week: work, school, school activities, sports, homework etc. one hour of quality time might be right.

According to Daily Mail, here are some very sad results from a new survey on work-life balance.  Check out the four things they found . . .

1.  The average person only gets about an hour of quality family time per day during the work week.

2.  One in eight men and one in 14 women say they get ZERO quality time.

3.  And only one in three families eat dinner together every single night.

4.  But here's the rub . . . not that many people are even UPSET by all this.  Only 25% say they wish they had more free time to spend with their family.





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