Let's face it, people who don't live here just don't know.  In many ways, Idaho is a world unto itself.  And these are the top 10 signs you're from Idaho.

  • txking, Thinkstock

    You realize that no matter how hard you explain it to the world, they will never understand that Iowa and Idaho are not the same state.

  • Photonewman, Thinkstock

    You know how to kill about 57 different breeds of spiders.

  • manfred steinbach, thinkstock

    "I drove my first car when I was 11 1/2."

  • 4

    You know immediately that Butch Otter is not the name of a muscular marine mammal.

  • Jupiterimages - Thinkstock

    "I shot my first gun when I was 4 1/2."

  • Shoshone Falls

    You're baffled (and simultaneously appreciative) that Niagara Falls at 165 feet tall is more popular than Shoshone Falls at 212 feet tall.

  • Facebook

    You bristle in rage when others perceive us as behind the times, and immediately direct them towards the inventors of Solar Roadways located in Sandpoint.

  • Matt Cardy - Getty Images

    "Wait, you gave me fries... and NO FRY SAUCE?!?!"

  • Benito Baeza

    Canyons, mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, ice caves, a bomb shelter, craters of the moon exhibit... and that's just your backyard...

  • PaulPaladin, Thinkstock

    You take pride in the fact that the northern part of Idaho is Pacific time, but the southern part is Mountain time, which is interesting given that the easternmost part of Nevada is Pacific time, even though it's further east than the westernmost part of Idaho which is Mountain time.