Do the people who put together these travel sites ever look at a map?  The latest I came across recommends the 10 best places to visit in Idaho.  Or it should say eight and one-third.  The Grand Tetons are visible from Teton County, Idaho, however.  Grand Teton National Park is in Wyoming.  Near Jackson.  I’ve been there.  You have to drive over a winding mountain pass, then through one small town before you even reach Jackson, the second town down the road. Then you turn left and drive several miles north to the park entrance.

The site also promotes Yellowstone National Park, which has a sliver of land in Idaho.  A portion of the park with little to no road access from the Gem State.  In other words, you’ll drive to another state to go through an entrance.

The other eight places listed are very nice and sometimes thrilling.  I’ve been to nearly every remaining stop on the list.  But if we were going to put a list together of ten places you could drive to from within Idaho, why not put Shoshone Falls on the list?  I’ve met tourists from all over the world there, so clearly word has made it elsewhere about the major wonder we have in our backyard.

I saw a list the other day of the ten politest small towns in upstate New York.  At the top of the list was a small town where I had a job 39 years ago.  My first full-time job was at a resort hotel in the community.  I was among the lucky ones.  Unlike some coworkers, I never got robbed on the graveyard shift!  The robberies took place even though the hotel was practically next door to a state police barracks.  I avoided the crime because I gave free coffee to the troopers.  The crooks didn’t come inside when they saw cops hanging around the lobby.

So much for the best places.

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