Let me start this off by saying that I have not been to the gym in almost a year. So if you have been to the gym or even thought about going recently you are already a better person than I am. Yet people still lie about their exercise routines. They lie about how often they go, how long they were there, and about what they actually did.

Why do people who go to the gym lie about when they went or what they did while they were there? Seriously! If you went to the gym and ran a mile or just 20 feet you did more than the rest of us. If you went and did a Zumba class and then lifted for a bit, you did more than most of us. If you went to the gym started on a treadmill and then had to leave because your kid was freaking out in the child watch so you went to McDonalds instead and ate a cheeseburger - you still did more than most of us!

Be proud of what you have done or what you tried to do. Whether you go once a month, week, or every day - I am proud of you so you should be proud of you too.

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