Valentine's Day can be great if you're in a happy marriage and/or relationship. But, if you're not, you probably dread the day. Good news! If you live in Twin Falls, there are some really fun things you can do on Valentine's Day even if you hate the day itself.

5. Go to Faulkner Planetarium and watch a show on sea monsters.

Here's the description from the Herrett Center website: Eighty million years ago, the Great Plains lay beneath a shallow sea, populated with terrifying predators and strange wonders.  This National Geographic program, with narration by Liev Schreiber and an original soundtrack by Peter Gabriel, shows how paleontologists use fossil clues to reconstruct how "Dolly," a dolphin-like dolichorhynchops, navigated this perilous underwater world, long before humans walked the earth.

Nothing says "I really don't need to be in a relationship" quite like a show on sea monsters with a song by Peter Gabriel - who did that "In Your Eyes" song in the romantic comedy "Say Anything".

4. Stare at Shoshone Falls while eating lunch, then wonder why there's no water there.

This must be done alone, of course. Plus, you need to either go in the dead of winter or make sure the water is being diverted. The symbolism of one person eating alone in front of a waterfall with no water can be profound in Twin Falls.

3. Go to the Magic Valley Cinema 13 and watch all four Sunday showings of "Zoolander 2".

This is a fun option because you can watch a movie while you sulk. Here's some additional advice. Go to the snack bar prior to the 7:15 pm showing and ask the attendant if they would be willing to serve you popcorn and Milk Duds by candlelight. And, by 10:15, you'll be able to amaze fellow patrons by lip-syncing all of Owen Wilson's lines. Finish off the night by taking selfies with the empty seat beside you.

2. Walk down the median on Blue Lakes and recreate one of the final scenes in Steve Martin's movie "The Jerk".

Don't do this for real, cause walking down the middle of Blue Lakes at any time is guaranteed fatal. But, in your mind at least, you can see yourself walking down the middle of town carrying a big red chair and a paddle ball while yelling "I'm taking this paddle ball and that's all I need!". It's just a matter of time before people start responding to your missed connections on Twin Falls Craigslist now.

1. Tandem BASE jump alone off the Perrine Bridge

No where in the world can you express your dislike for Valentine's Day like Twin Falls. Sunday, you can go to our beloved bridge and jump off all by your lonesome. The best part is you can also use a parachute and live to tell about it. For extra credit, jump off with a Spongebob Squarepants parachute. That would truly communicate to the Magic Valley that you need love.

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