It's true...while the cat is away the mice will play. Most people agree that in the early stages of marriage you were sad when our spouse was away on business or a hunting trip. However, if you've been married for awhile you probably throw a party as soon as your spouse pulls out of the drive way. It's almost the same feeling you got when you were a teenager and your parents left. The only difference is instead of throwing a party with your friends you throw a party with your kids. We asked moms what they do differently when their spouse is away and these are the top 5 things they do differently:

1. Order Take-Out - most moms cook dinner 5 to 7 nights week. So when nobody's looking she orders her favorite take out.

2. New Bedtime Rules - Everyone gets to sleep in moms room...even the dog.

3. Watch Our Favorite Movies - Even if we have seen our favorite chick flick 100 times we will watch it at least twice while our spouse is away. We might even eat ice cream straight out to the container.

4. Shop - Most women figure that their spouse is spending money while they are away so it won't hurt to buy some new clothes or something for the house.

5. Redecorate - We love to move furniture and most husbands want their favorite chair in the same place for their entire lives. So while our husbands are away it's a perfect opportunity to set up our homes how we want it.

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