I have no idea how I have missed this my entire time here! Just 2 hours from Twin Falls in Caldwell Idaho you can touch, pet and feed lazy sloths, furry lemurs and much more at Babby Farms!

They don't officially open until May 1st for the season, but when they do there are some animals that you can touch and feed and some animals that are for viewing only. I don't have a full list of which yet but judging by the pictures on their Facebook you can hug a kangaroo! I want to hug a kangaroo!

According to their about section, Babby Farms is a non-profit organization that aims to give adults and children with disabilities the chance to touch and interact with a wide range of animals. Most of their animals are hand raised so they are comfortable with it.

They are open to the general public for a fee but because their season has not officially opened yet you will have to check back at their website for more details. All I know is that I am totally going!

They also offer Jr. Zookeeper classes which looks to me like a chance for children to handle the animals on a more intimate setting and learn all about them! I just wish I fit in the age group because I would totally do this! Caldwell is about 2 hours away and this it totally worth the drive! I would move and get a job here if I was at all qualified and I could.

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I will update as I get more information. I reached out to Babby Farms to get more details and will update when they become available.

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