That hilarious Trent Reznor parody song -- appropriately titled 'This Is a Trent Reznor Song' -- from a few weeks back has a video now. And it's almost as funny, and spot-on, as the song itself.

With lyrics like "Then I throw in some random percussion" and "It's almost time to hear the chorus," the song runs through all of the Nine Inch Nails frontman's signature sounds -- from ghostly keyboard squalls to a dance beat that sounds just like all the other dance beats in Reznor's tracks -- in less than three minutes, half the time of a typical Reznor cut.

And it sounds exactly like, well, a Trent Reznor song.

The video nails the artist's stylistic quirks too -- from the choppy sepia-toned found-footage look of the opening WTF images to the blurry, pixelated look of the color segments, which look like it was recorded on somebody's crappy old TV set.

The dude behind the song even has a Reznor lookalike (circa 1995 or so, back when Nine Inch Nails were on top of the alt-rock world) jumping around in the video, so it pretty much looks like the real thing. And dig those goofy goggles he sports at one point. Hopefully they won't give the real Reznor any ideas ...

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