Casting for HBO's 'True Detective' season 2 was a joke long before it became an actual joke, and the latest A-list name attached to the project is no laughing matter. Following rumors that Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch were in talks for the lead, 'The Internship' funnyman (if you can call it that) Vince Vaughn is the latest Hollywood star circling the lead roles of our new 'True Detective.'

Considering we haven't heard any official confirmations from HBO on either Farrell or Kitsch, it's difficult to say how much stock to put in TVLine's claim that Vaughn has entered talks for one of the 4 (or 3? 3.5?) leading roles. Adding to that confusion is the recent report breaking down the characters of the new season, the veracity of which has yet to be confirmed, while The Wrap's Jeff Sneider offered the following details from an unconfirmed source:

During their TCA press tour panel, HBO executives claimed that we'd have at least some announcement of show's four leading roles within the week, while series creator Nic Pizzolatto insisted separately that no casting had yet taken place. The new California-set season of 'True Detective' will also have more than one director, following season 1 helmer Cary Fukunaga's exit from the series, though no official names have been revealed. We have our own ideas about potential talent ‘True Detective’ season 2 might cull, in addition to everything we already know about the next cycle.

At this rate, we're starting to feel like we know even less about 'True Detective' season 2 than when we started, but what say you? Would you buy Vince Vaughn in one of the leading roles, considering his slate of dramatic work in the past? What do you hope to see when HBO's dark and dreary drama returns for round 2 in 2015?

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