'True Detective' season 2 rumors have become the Hydra of TV news, wherein the dismissal of any one rumor sees two more (or seven) take its place. Colin Farrell's status among the leading candidates, however, has scarcely been in question since its arrival, and now it seems the Irish actor has at last confirmed his 'True Detective' season 2 casting.

Farrell reportedly spoke to Irish newspaper The Sunday World and confirmed his shooting schedule for the hotly anticipated HBO drama, saying, “I’m doing the second series. I’m so excited." Supposedly playing the role of damaged, corrupt and anger-managing coke-head detective Ray Velcoro, Farrell also gave a bit of insight into the production schedule:

I know it will be eight episodes and take around four or five months to shoot. I know very little about it, but we’re shooting in the environs of Los Angeles which is great. It means I get to stay at home and see the kids.

When last we'd heard, 'True Detective' season 2 was said to follow the death of a corrupt city manager in a fictional California city, amid a groundbreaking transportation deal that would drastically change the state. Three law enforcement officers from different cities and branches of the government would be tasked with finding the culprit, only to discover the investigation has broader and darker implications than they initially thought.

Taylor Kitsch has been rumored as the second male lead of the season, with Vince Vaughn supposedly in talks to play a more villainous character. 'Mad Men''s Elisabeth Moss and Rachel McAdams had reportedly vied for the female lead, only for another round of casting to suggest Rosario Dawson, Jessica Biel, Oona Chaplin, Jaimie Alexander, Brit Marling, Malin Akerman and Kelly Reilly are also up for parts. 'The Killing' and genre vet Michelle Forbes had also supposedly been in talks for a supporting character, while 'Fast & Furious' franchise director Justin Lin was recently attached to helm several episodes.

HBO has long-delayed any actual announcement of the 'True Detective' season 2 cast, while a September production start will give way to a summer 2015 premiere, but what say you? Does Colin Farrell's apparent confirmation have you looking forward to 'True Detective' season 2 any further?

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