The Idaho Department of Fish and Game has raised awareness regarding an incident where a swan was shot and hung upside down near a campground approximately 190 miles southeast of Twin Falls. A reward has been offered in the case.

Idaho state and federal laws make it illegal to hunt trumpeter swans, according to a recent press release by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. Authorities north of Preston are investigating an incident that involves the shooting of a trumpeter swan with a shotgun. The animal was then hung upside down from a tree near Red Point Campground.

Based on the condition of the carcass, it is believed that the crime took place in February, according to the March 28 press release. The finding was reported by multiple sources prior to state investigators locating the swan. A reward has been offered for information that leads to the responsible individual(s).

Southeast Idaho has a high concentration of trumpeter swans. The Camas National Wildlife Refuge extends for more than 10,000 acres and is a mating ground for the animals. These animals are protected by the state, and the intentional killing of these swans can result in a fine. During hunting season, trumpeter swans are known to be accidentally shot, in which leniency is generally given by state authorities.

If you witnessed this crime, or believe you have information that can help investigators, please call 208-251-1923, or 800-632-5999. Callers submitting tips can remain anonymous.

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