I will apologize ahead of time for this rant. I really try to avoid completely losing my mind over stuff, but have you tried to buy a home in Twin recently? My family is in that process and it's driving us insane.

I've tried being a lone ranger and find a home on my own, but I'm done.

If you take a look at Zillow, you'll find tons of homes available in and around Twin Falls. You would think this would be easy. It's not. What we have found is that there are a ton of properties available if you are exceedingly wealthy. (Think Rockefeller family) But, homes in the lower and middle range are much harder to locate. And, if they hit the market, they are sold so quickly it makes your head spin.

I have a friend who works on new builds in the Magic Valley. The word is that the new homes that are being built that don't cost a fortune are sold before they're even finished. Truth is that seems to go for new builds that do cost a fortune, too.

Our news team did a story last year about the explosive growth in Twin Falls. For the economy, that can be a very good thing. If you're trying to buy a home, it's a horror story.

My family does not fall into the Rockefeller level of wealth. I'm the only employed member of our family, so our home affordability range is definitely not sky high. For people like us that are looking for a home that will fit our family and not cost a fortune, this process is madness.

What to do? The advice that I have received from every single person I've spoken with is get a realtor. This is not a commercial. Nobody is paying me to say this. But, in Twin Falls, you really need someone who knows what homes are coming on the market before they hit Zillow or other listing services. I've tried being a lone ranger and find a home on my own, but I'm done.

If you choose to buy a home without professional help, you are likely to join me in the crazy house. Seriously, trying to buy a home in Twin right now leads to madness.

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