There's a Turkey recall hoax that's making the rounds on social media.  It comes from the National Report website that looks legit but with all things internet, looks are often deceiving.  The National Report claims to be a satirical news site, kind of like The Onion. If you ask me, they much more covert in their presentation and most of the stuff I see on their website is presented "as if" it were legitimate news.

According to their turkey recall post, Millions of Thanksgiving turkeys have been recalled by the CDC because of concerns that they may harbour an avian virus that has developed the ability to transfer from birds to humans.  It goes on to say that you can tell the difference between a safe turkey and an infected turkey but noting whether or not your turkey turns green while cooking.  By the way - I would suggest not eating green turkey - recall or otherwise.

Have no fear.  You're safe to enjoy your turkey dinner.  At this time, the CDC has issued no such recall.  It's just a big, fat stinking hoax. If you don't believe me, feel free to check out or Snopes.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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