Eggs?  Check.  Coloring?  Got it.  Ready… Set… GO!

If you’re looking for Easter events around the Magic Valley this weekend, there’s no shortage.
There’s plenty to pick from, inluding the annual hunt at Twin Falls City Park.

The big events are a kick but after those are done, we still like to have a hunt of our own.

Right now it looks like the weather looks like it migh be “iffy.”

If it does get stormy, you might try this  indoor variation of an Easter Egg Hunt.

You can buy hollow, plasic eggs that glow in the dark.  Fill them with the kids favorite treats and hide them around the house.  We also put about five bucks into the “golden egg” as a special treat and make this egg really hard to find.

Wait until it’s nice and dark, pull the blinds, turn off the lights and let em go!

If your kids scare easily or they are really young, this may not be the best idea.  I have a friend with small children and he said that they did the same thing but gave the little kids flashlights.

And if a birthday looms near the Easter holiday, check out our Top 5 Kid's Birthday Spots In The Magic Valley!

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