I've said it before, and I'll say it again, base jumping is completely out of my realm of understanding. For those thrill seekers who gaze down upon the Snake River from the Perrine Bridge for the first time atop the narrow, extended platform, it must be a harrowing experience.

If there was any heightened sense of fear in one of the latest first time leapers off Idaho's most remarkable bridge, you couldn't really pick up on it. Meat Missile shared a video on April 11, 2019, of a newbie taking the 486 foot descent into the landing zone.

Encouraged by another jumper who follows the first-timer all the way down, shouting instructions and words of encouragement, the two land as if they've made the jump many times before. The :34 long video will be one of hundreds to be shot over the course of the upcoming warmer months.

Bring on the jumps!


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