The yearly Nevadan pagan festival known as Burning Man could be coming to an end.  Bureau of Land Management fears the festival in the desert is a terrorist’s dream.  Thousands of people, many of whom are intoxicated, rolling around defenseless in the sand, could be easy targets.

BLM proposes fencing around the perimeter and worst of all for the party-goers, suggests they pick up their own garbage.

Increased security and contracting trash hauling could mean a 60 percent increase in costs

Burning Man is like Woodstock without the rain.  Mother Earth lovers have a bad habit of leaving their refuse behind.

The changes bother organizers of the ritual.  Increased security and contracting trash hauling could mean a 60% increase in costs, thereby bringing an end to Burning Man after this year’s festival in August.

You can read more about the potential changes by clicking on this link.

In recent years the original festival has become a tourist attraction for Hollywood and Silicon Valley elites.  Somehow, attendance validates their membership in counterculturalism.  Or it did until the event became a commercial vehicle.

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