Remember the excitement when the ice cream man would drive around the neighborhood and as kids we would jump and run outside? I am thinking we can recreate that feeling by having some Twin Falls businesses drive around neighborhoods like the ice cream man.

Please remember I am not trying to end the social distancing or violate the stay at home order. This is more for fun. But could you imagine some of these awesome Twin Falls businesses driving around playing "Pop Goes The Weasel" on a loud speaker?


  • 1

    Margarita Truck

    We have some amazing options for Mexican restaurants. If one of them could, if it was legal, to drive around and hand out margaritas I would chase it down the street.

  • 2

    Taco Truck

    There are quite a few food truck options. I would run out of my house for a truck that hands out tacos.

  • 3

    Hair Cuts

    If we could find a way right now to offer hair cuts while abiding by social distancing someone could make some serious cash right now.

  • 4

    Snack Truck

    A truck that drives around and just sells Corona snacks would be amazing. I am pretty sure I have eaten all of mine 4 times.

  • 5

    People Truck

    For those of us who miss contact with people other than our families. Sure we love our families but I would walk outside to wave and maybe chat with a complete stranger. Sure I can keep social distancing. I just want a wave.

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