Over the past few years while driving throughout the Magic Valley, I've learned a few things about area motorists. Idahoans don't care for people driving 10 miles under the posted speed limit, and many very effectively use their automobiles as moving billboards for their feelings.

You either love auto stickers, or you don't. There's really no in between. I have a few on my whip, but none are political or environmental statements; I would rather avoid having to replace a car window or tire over a $2.99 sticker. There are savages among us.

Auto stickers tell a lot about people. Have you ever driven past a motorist and mad-dogged them based solely off of what decal they had stuck to their window? I'll admit, I have, and we're probably wrong in doing so seeing as this is a "free country" and all. I'm still mourning the loss of my Smashing Pumpkins sticker that finally blew off my car a few months back.

Some of the stickers I see quite a bit in the Magic Valley include the cartoon guy peeing on the Dallas Cowboys logo, the gun-shaped Idaho sticker complete with detached land mass representing a bullet, and a good deal of anti-California messages. I also see a lot of family and religious types, and of course former President Donald Trump is well represented on both auto flags and decals.

Yup, for tourists visiting cities such as Twin Falls, they don't have to drive more than a few blocks to get a feel for the overall vibe of the community. I'm more of a fan of the types of lighthearted adhesive messages, such as the one I passed yesterday.

"I Farted." That's funny, and I'll take your word for it. Way to keep it light Twin Falls.

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