I've seen people take some pretty peculiar paths toward making a love connection in my time. Compliments can often be a great ice breaker, but until now, I have yet to hear of anyone compliment a persons looks, and leafy green toppings, at the same time. Welcome back to Craigslist!

I have several quirks about me that people might, and do, find odd. I'm obsessively clean, I tend to get extreme tunnel vision when I'm working on a task, I don't take compliments well and when I'm with a group of people I don't really know, I tend to try to eat food in as clandestine a manner as I can.

A past annoying co-worker who used to stalk my food choices for years--my breaking point was the day he leaned over my sandwich and nearly nose poked it--I have to thank for this food complex I now struggle with.

Alright, that's enough about me. I recently found a post on the Twin Falls Craigslist / Free Connections website dated January 10, 2020. It involved two people who happened to be eating at the Golden Corral restaurant in Twin Falls. I'm going to assume the person who posted was a man, and probably over the age of 50 due to the fact that the words, "out of this world" were used.

"Great Scott," maybe Christopher Lloyd authored it, I don't know. It wouldn't be that hard to believe seeing as Tom Hanks just passed through the Magic Valley and ordered a BLT.

The individual who posted this attempt at communication with the "cute woman," he "connected eye to eye with," seemed to be more turned on by the toppings on her salad, than the actual woman herself. The addition of the letter, "X," to end the post, really put a romantic stamp on it also.

snip (1)

I'm a big fan of people trying to make connections with others, even if that means posting to a forum that will only be seen by a couple dozen people. So, I say to this person who shared their feelings via this Craigslist page, I hope you get the chance to see this buffet vixen again. I hope her croutons are as visually stimulating the second time around.

Good luck!

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