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Are Your Kids Getting Too Much Screen Time?
Like most children, my kids love their screen time. Rather they are watching TV, playing a video game or playing a game on a tablet...they are happy if they are in-front of any screen. And like most moms, I worry about the amount of screen time my kids get.
Unfair Video Games
Can you triumph over broken A.I. and impossible to defeat stage hazards? Can you keep yourself from smashing your controller to pieces during unbelievably cheap boss fights? Take a chance with the 10 Most Unfair Games.
Goat Simulator real
IT'S FINALLY COMING!  The game that virtually no one is looking forward to, yet can't stop talking about!  Ever dreamed of being a goat?  How about owning one?  Driving one?  Or bouncing one on a trampoline?  Then you'll LOVE Goat Simulator.
[POLL] Xbox One vs. Playstation 4
When are Playstation 4 and Xbox One coming out?  Very, very soon: November 15 is the official release date for both consoles.  Which one are you going to get?
Playstation 4 will be $399, but does not include the Playstation camera.
Xbox One will be $499, and DOES include the Xbox Kinect...
11 Heart-Stopping Video Game Speed Runs
Sometimes you feel like really taking your time with a video game, digging around, finding treasure, leveling up to maximum capacity. Other times you just want to run like hell. These are those times, and if you've ever played any of these games, and you suffer from untreated anxiety, you might…

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