Lighted nocks are apparently legal in nearly every state except Idaho. For those who don't bow hunt, like me, they are a way for bow hunters to find their arrow and their big game when shot. One hunter is looking to get them legalized.

Josh Hanson started a petition to Idaho Fish and Game on to get lighted nocks legalized. His argument is that when archery hunting for big game, the lighted nock with give the hunter a better chance of recovering their arrow, a better chance of finding the animal after it has been struck so there is less waste and it is safe because a hunter is less likely to come across an arrow.

They argue that a lighted nock does not give any advantage to the hunter over the animal. It isn't like it is a semi automatic weapon that gives an advantage if the hunter misses.

Some argue that allowing lighted nocks will lead to the allowance of other electronics. I don't have a full understand enough of the topic to have an opinion, but I find it a stretch that hunters who use lighted nocks would then want to use things like drones to find animals.

If you are interested in allowing lighted nocks to big game hunting in Idaho you can actually sign the petition and let them know why you decided to join it.

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